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Note to Wildcat Resort Owners
If you are a Wildcat Resort Owner, please note, the earlier you bank your week with RCI the more trading value you will receive. If you wish to bank 1 or 2 years in advance, call The Wildcat Resort at 603-383-0920 for assistance.

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About RCI.

RCI is a global provider of leisure travel services and the global leader in vacation exchange. Founded in 1974 as an exchange, RCI quickly became a driving force for growth within timeshare, and has been at the forefront of the vacation exchange industry ever since.

Today, RCI has approximately 3.8 million members worldwide, who enjoy dream vacations at RCI's over 4000 affiliated resorts*. RCI subscribing members benefit from the knowledge, experience and resources of RCI's Guides, who provide assistance in the planning of exchange vacations.

RCI Weeks Membership.

The RCI® Weeks program is RCI's traditional exchange system. Vacation exchange adds flexibility and variety to vacation ownership by allowing timeshare owners to trade the vacation week that they own for a different vacation week. The program includes over 4000 resorts in nearly 100 countries and enables exchanges to and from resorts around the world. Whether you are interested in domestic or international exchanges, internal exchanges to your home resort or cruise exchanges – there are thousands of vacation opportunities with RCI.

o Exchange – An RCI exchange vacation is the result of trading your deposited vacation time for another available vacation. When searching for an RCI exchange vacation, you have access to a selection of thousands of resorts*! We also offer additional tools for you to personalize your exchange even more:

Add Vacation Protection** – This exclusive member-only offer provides you with the flexibility to change or cancel your vacation! You’ll retain your full Trading Power, and you’ll be credited back the entire exchange fee to use towards your next exchange.
o Combine Deposits – If your Deposit has less Deposit Trading Power than what is required for your desired Exchange vacation, for a fee, you can combine multiple Deposits or Deposit Credits.

o Extend Your Deposit*** – If you aren’t able to travel during the travel window of your deposit, you can extend your travel window for up to one additional year.

o Opt for Ongoing Search – If your ideal vacation isn’t available, simply start an ongoing search, and we will search 24/7 until we find a suitable match. We’ll notify you as soon as we find availability!

o Add a Guest Certificate – Are you looking for the perfect gift for your friends or family? Consider giving them the gift of vacation with an RCI Guest Certificate.

* Subject to availability based on value-for-value vacation exchange principles.
** Certain restrictions apply. Please go to
rci.com for more details.
*** Deposit Extension fees start at $29 for one month

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